Chris Kanich of University of Illinois at Chicago

this ugly americunt earns $120,000 a year for teaching young, pre-pubescent students how to jerk off to minecraft, call of duty black cops (and suck their d**k) all year long. he is the first UIC americunt to openly show how much c**k he sucks in every lecture. rather than teaching the material chris kabitch did nothing more but to splooge on children eager to learn and part-take in a gay p***o which included him sucking call of duty : black cops dicks. that’s all i’ve ever learned from this ugly white piece of s**t. he get too offended, just like a typical yuppie americunt, like himself, and cries like a blue-haired UIC feminazi, and periods all over the UIC judicial system like a c**t for calling him out for his gay p***o that no one wants to see. needless to say looking up his family tree, his anscestors killed the jews in the holocaust, he hates and destroys anyone that wasn’t an ally to the n**i germany. chris kanich should be beheaded publically in chicago.

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