Krissy says that Her Barseen App had Cameras in the Gay Bar Trunks.

She had them installed for free back in 2016. No charge nothing.

The Bartender that worked at Trunks. Also Actor/ Model Trevor Lapaglia. Krissy Schuh says she hired him to model for her App Business. First The Vestigate App and later The Barseen App. She paid Trevor 10 Thousand Dollars. Which is a lot of money. Most models don’t even get 5 thousand. He got 10k. Krissy new he needed the work and the money.

Krissy heard that the Bartenders talk Shyt about her behind her back. And she said Fukc that. And she pulled her Cameras out. And said there. No more free publicity for you Waldo.

And she says she’s going to contact Vice and tell them your Bartenders take cheap liquor and pour the cheap shyt into higher brand bottles. Along with adding water to Vodka. Cuz one the Patron is drunk. They can’t tell the difference. They just want the fukcen drink.

She says nice remodel Waldo. And where you get the money be able to do it. Cuz you been shut down for how long because of Covid.

See you in hell Waldo.


  1. Brett Feeney Article Author

    Waldo should been smarter than to ever done Business with Krissy and Sally.

    Waldo knows.and Gabe says he no longer talks to Krissy.

    Waldo owns Trunks Bar in West Hollywood

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