Mike remember our talk. I tokd you stuff abd you talked about your sons death. And that you are writing about it. Writing a boom about it.

Jose with the outstanding portfolio. Chef Dave really relays on your talents. Making those platters and the ones for The Town Hall meetings. And Orientation. Chef Dave biggest fear is pissing off Human Resources. He says Amy is a real bitch.

Robert. Bro. Your wasting your time making music and singing Rap. You’re never going to be a Rap Singer. Time for a reality check and to just give it up.

Marty. Ask for help when you can’t carry stuff. You don’t need to spill any thing else. The last spill. The grease could have lead to a huge Lawsuit and The Forum doesn’t want that.

Chef Dave. Stop Drinking.

Hillary. Watch her wiggle and see her jiggle. And we alk have. When she walks through the Kitchen to get her Salad.

HR Amy. So you know. Everyone on their Cell phone. And No. Not looking up Recipes. It’s a lie. They are checking out the Game Scores. Looking at Nudes. Or listening to Music while they work.

Nick. The toilet clogged again.

Abbey. We all know. That your Sister is actually your Daughter. And your parents pay your rent.

Laura. I’m glad you like your new job. A lot more money than what you were making here at the Forum.

Rhonda. Tiana lied. Your Husband never touched her. Tiana admitted to Abbey she was to scarred to speak the truth. And she lined all the attention she got. Looking like a Victim. But so you know. Your Husband was wrongfully fired.

Derek. As Chef says. Derek will be Derek.

Ben. No I didn’t wreck myself.

Mary. Open your eyes. Look around for the Come Slaw. The Ranch. The tartar sauce. The cocktale sause. The cookies.

Gary. Since you left. We can now eat the soup and not worry about spit. And the Desserts don’t crumble. And mostly Chef Dave don’t got to worry about teeth falling in the food.

Jaimie. No I don’t hate Jews. And I remember over hearing you saying to the Healthcare Workers that HR spoke to you about spending so much talking to them when you should have been working. and you were pissed.

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