Jeffery Moffitt – Kentucky

LADIES BEWARE, I have never met a Liar and cheater like this guy here. I’m posting this in hopes that whomever comes in contact with him will google him before it to late. When I met him 3 years ago he seemed the most charismatic, charming, spontaneous and intense, smart individual. When you walk into his house he has pictures of the “The love of his life, his high school sweetheart, Cyndi” He told everyone she died of breast cancer and he was with her at her bedside throughout the whole time. It was a great story that elicited allot of pity. (Myself and the other women I came to know he had led on that he was with her for eight years. Her and I developed a close friendship after finding out about each other and met. She lived in Indianapolis, I lived in Louisville close to Jeff) During that time we discovered multiple other women in his computer and phone which he keeps securely locked and went to great lengths to hide everything. Texts, women’s contacts under men’s names, and different files of images of women, also found intimate videos he had taken WITHOUT our permission with his camera phone. Definitely beware he could have hidden cameras in his bedroom and home. Things that became red flags for a healthy relationship built on trust, he just wanted you to take his word. We went through all the cycles a narcissist person put you through including multiple episodes of triangulations, before finding out the truth, the real story. For over eight years he lied to both the women in Indianapolis and myself repeatedly about his first wife Cyndi dying of cancer and his second wife Lisa whom he said he married after Cyndi died and that he was divorced from her. While going through the recovery process and researching his marriage to Lisa was discovered and it was dated 2 years before (1998) his first wife died (2000). we discovered he married his second wife Lisa in 1998 in TN 2 years before his first wife Cyndi died in 2000! The one whose pictures covers his home, the love of his life that he said her death caused him a breakdown and never to be able to love the same again. Yet married Lisa to help him raise his kids and their marriage in his words was awful and he hated her which resulted in divorce. They were supposedly divorced for years, However there continued to be daily texts from her asking Jeff to pay her bills, she visited his home sneaky without my knowledge at all, lying about everything. When I found out I contacted her and even after a phone conversation with me, which I asked if they were divorced she stated “Yes, but I was married to him and Ill always care about him so I will be stopping by to visit” When she was in town. She lives in Indianapolis, not with him. When I discovered their divorce information that was public record later on it had been started in the courts in Seymour and it was never finalized, it was in fact cancelled in 2011. therefore he is still married to Lisa despite my relationship, the women in Indianapolis, and multiple other women he was involved with. She was complicate in the lies and even hid her car in a neighbors driveway when she came to visit and went to great lengths to lie about the divorce to the women he has been dating. Later I found a GPS tracking device in MY vehicle. After finding it and removing it, I received flowers from him to my home on his birthday (the first time in 3 years he ever gave me flowers) and multiple other attempts to contact me even saying he was going to commit suicide or hurt himself and blame it on me. At which I disregarded but documented. I believe this man is VERY dangerous. He physically assaulted and abused me during the relationship. I documented everything. I was gaslighted, manipulated, devalued, and discarded over and over again. He kept such chaos going I disassociated. I finally escaped. I hope if you’re reading this you take it to heart and NOT get involved with this individual. YOU WILL GET HURT. Do NOT let this guy into your life. He is a miserable human being with a mask. Under it he is the devil and his evil wife doesn’t want the responsibility of dealing with him so she stays quiet so others can be tricked into taking care of him.

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