Watch out for your husbands ladies. This homewrecker flirted with every Air Force officer she was around while her first hubby was at USAFA and then my own hubby while she was attending New Life Church after her first divorce. She was told many times she was full of s$*t when pontificating about the “evil of vaccines”. From what the locals here in C Springs tell me, she is enabling her oldest daughter to leave her own hubby of less than 3 years to become a “sugarbaby” aka sex worker out in the Sin City (Vegas) and Uber liberal LA area. She’s even been seen on social media playing and partying with said daughter.
She also recently took part in other daughter’s “covid wedding” as seen on various social media websites.
The woman has no shame. She doesn’t seem to know what the commenters on these websites have said about her. If she cared, then she wouldn’t be putting herself out there like Delilah.

Ladies- keep your husbands away from this one. Her second hubby seems to be either stupid or is the dark. Very sad.

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