Jillian Walsh, Jill Huish, Jill Osier, Jill Huish – Osier

Why so many names? Well because this psychopathic nut job uses any g*d d**n name she wants whether it’s a legal name or not. She is a catfishing, child abusing, cheating, homewrecker!!! I am a person that was concived by this childish alcoholic troll!! I am not her child, nope!!! Not me and not my siblings. Just because she birthd us does not make us her kids and it sure as h**l does NOT make her our mother!!! I just share some of the same blood as her and that is IT!!! She is not a mother!! A mother does not fat shame kids there entire life, call them stupid or beat on her kids. And I am not talking about a spanking or even a belt… actual closed fist pushing us down the stairs threatning to kill our dog abusive!!! That is not a mother!!! Jill is an abusive drunk and hate is a understatement of what I feel of this monster !!! So why am I posting this now???? Why haven’t I posted before??? Because I am a d**n adult now……. WE ALL ARE… and she feels the need to stalk me and follow us on iur employer’s pages on Facebook and call around asking where we are at our place of work!! I don’t f*****g care if it Burger King or the d**n military she has NO right to even go there!!! We haven’t spoke to this psycho in over 8 yrs mot one d**n word!! Consider it a divorce!!! She has NO RIGHT to cross that line or cross the boundaries she does and I am and WE ARE fed the h**l up!!! So Jill if you ever come across this or if any of you friends and family that harass us with messages and stalk us on social media could you f**k the h**l off already or tell her to f**k off. It will never happen she will never see or speak to us again!!! That ship sailed ALONG time ago!!! Don’t bother us and don’t bother the family we are making of our own now!!! You have no rights to kids we have or our girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands or wives!!! They will NEVER know you!!! I know one of my siblings has posted on here a billion times telling you to stop so just STOP!!! Live YOUR LIFE and stay out of ours!!! Let me make this clear….. WE ARE NO LONGER YOUR CHILDREN AND YOU ARE NOT OUR MOTHER!! You don’t get to do the things you did to us, lie to everyone by saying we are full of s**t, and then think you have any right to the title of a mother!! We have a mom that loves us and we love her!!! She was the only mom that actually showed us what a mom is!! And the nurturing she showed was totally different from what YOU lacked!!! And one last stab… who’s the ugly and fat one now???? YOU!!!! Surely not any of us!!! We all lost weight when we stopped seeing you!!! We were overweight because of YOU and your mental and physical abuse!!! You tell a kid there stupid fat or ugly they grow up believing that!! You wrecked our selfesteem!! Thank g*d we were shown real love by our dad and from a woman that did have to but chose to because she saw something in us you NEVER did!!! All you cared about was getting even and trashing our entire family!!!
Go away!!! Don’t contact us if anyone dies. We don’t even want to hear if you do someday and I am sure you will drink yourself to the grave eventually!!! And vues what… we wouldn’t care or shed one teer!!!

4 thoughts on “Jillian Walsh, Jill Huish, Jill Osier, Jill Huish – Osier”

  1. Heeeeyyyyyu whaaaat!!! I know this lady!!! I knew she was a crack head!!! I bet money on it years ago!!! Looks like I have some bet money owed to me!!!!

  2. I got to say jill has a very creative soap oprah movie like imagination!! For years now I have known her and her life is such a movie and she loves it that way!! She loves to have pitty from her friends and family but she also loves to feel as if she is feared by others!! She acts like her family is some sort of mob or mophia family and everything is “my family will……” she acts like they’ll come and cap yo a** if you f*** with her when in hindsight they think she’s f****** nuts to!! I think they just tolerate it because they are afraid her causing anymore damage to that family’s reputation!! She has already made them out to be a family of batsh** crazy clowns and all because she can’t shut the f*** up and control herself or stop using there names and profiles to send texts or facebook messages pretending to be them all while writing novels to people in the middle of the night or during her daydreaming hours threatening them and extorting them all cuz she has a problem with someone and she’s to chicken sh** to put her face and name to the message she typed out and cuz she wants you to believe her family will harm you or your reputation!!! This includes sending these messages to her own children!!!!! I do believe some of her family has sent a few for real but 75 + % are just her just like 99.5 % of sh** written about her on the internet and these websites are just Jill acting like her stalking victims are blasting her when it’s just her talking sh** about herself…….. so pathetic!!!

  3. That’s because she’s a f******* manipulative child abusing c**t!!! She might not lay hands on kids anymore but the mental abuse and mindfk’g is STILL a major part of her abuse tactics!!! Sick part is she reals this boyfriends kids in in a way that they almost idolize Jill at the beginning!!! Jill agrees with with everything they say, acts more like a best adult friend instead of a responsible adult role model, spoils them with girly days or boy fun if they are boys and this lasts until she has groomed them and their dad into thinking she is wonderful!!!! Then she flips!!! She becomes jealous over the child’s relationship with there real mom and starts really trashing the mom and making up things to really confuse the child and even question if there real mom actually loves them!! It’s really f***ed!!! I have seen her do it with 2 boyfriends now and heard about her doing it to 3 other’s!!! She only dates men with minor children and that’s because just like a pedo or someone with child abusing obsessions she seeks them out so she can groom both dad and usually daughter so she can take control so she has the upper hand and power to psychologically damage the relationship between her and her parents, use them as a tool to stay with dad, use them as a tool after dads kick her a** out, manipulate the child’s own thoughts and decisions……. so mentally and emotionally abuse them!!! I’m sorry if others do not agree with that being what it is… I have had many discussions with many of you in our group of coworker friends and your opinion is that she’s just messed up, drinks to much, and needs help…. and those things are all true buy it goes MUCH DEEPER then just those things!!! She is not oblivious to what she is doing my friends!!! She knows EXACTLY WHAT SHE IS DOING!!! She just plays poor misunderstood Jill and I am the victim card with everyone!!! Google psychological, mental, gaslighting, abuse!! You will find checklists and guarentee just like I did you will check every f****** box with a score of a “f****** run for your life %”
    I am a dad and I see it and I know if I brought another woman in my kids life and she did what I have seen and heard…. not only would their mother fund a way to see she was held responsible in the eyes of a court jury…. SO would I!!! So I FULLY believe to every single post and opinion made in here especially the ones that are from her child or children or about what she did to them is probably TRUE!!! AND I think Jill knows she has done ALL these things and denies them because she is to selfish and self absorbed to admit things but also because she is such a narcissist she actually believes she us in the right to be this way!!! Food for thought!! Rant over!!🎤

  4. How about when she posts pictures or memes acting all innocent but it’s her way to publicly tell people she’s in their area stalking them!! Like the background photo she has up right now of the street with trees that is obviously a drone photo of a town one of her stalking victims live in…. that’s her way of telling them watch out I’m here and watching you!!! What a f****** psycho!! And fat and ugly…. she is so gross now!!!


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