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I met this Woman last summer. July 2018. And she told me about her the Vestigate app and her Business. I waa in the beginning impressed. She showed me numbers. Profit margins. A list of other Investors. Statistics. You nane it she showed it. I had several lunches with her going over everything. She even had a guy with her Giovanni Vitulli. He told me he works for an Investing Firm on Wilshire in LA. She said for 20 thousand. I’d have 20 percent. I was so ready to go to the Bank and get a Bank Check. She only takes that. A few days later I am in a Gay Bar in West Hollywood and started talking to people. And told them I’m going to Invest and be part of this Business App called Vestigate. I was warned not too. I was shown facts and Proof that Kristin is a con artist. And been sued by Investors frauding them of their money. I didn’t even know she used to be an Attorney and was Disbarred for Cheating a Client out of allot of money. I mean it’s all online. It’s allot of money she took from him. On top. The Law School she went too sued her too. And that fellow Giovanni. He doesn’t work for an Investing firm. He works at a Gay Bar called GymBar. He helped with her lies. Kristin said your Investment will be in good hands you can trust me. Right. You tried to pull a fast one on me and it didn’t work. When Krissy contacted me. I told her the reson NO… She got Bitter. Mean. Her true colors came out. Threatened me tgat if I talked negative about her. She’s sue me. It’s tge truth. She’s a fraud. I’m so glad I ran into people that told me about her. Or i’d be out 20k or more.

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  1. Yes.. This sad but entirely true.

    Barseen App stole all the money from heir 48 of their Investors.

    The Barseen App been shut down by the Court and their Bank Accounts frozen. Their Lawyer Michael J Gulden was also Dibarred in 2019. He was caught falsifying paperwork and lying to the Court.

    Krissy Schuh and Sally Kushner both been Indicted.

    And Google their names. There tons of Blogs and News reports posted about it.

      • Yes she is. They all are. I remember seeing her at Gold Coast in West Hollywood. And Jesse the Bartender. Jessee Finkelstein would say after she left. That’s her. The one that one that has the App I told you about. Jessee knew she was a sleaze.

    • Yes Sam I hear you. I agree.

      I have nothing good to say about this Woman. She’s a liar and a con artist. She stole a lot of money from people. Her Business Partner Sally Kushner as much involved. And their Lawyer they had too Michael J Gulden. He was Disbarred in 2019. His investment in hiding their money and lying to the Court. Today Barseen App is non functional. Not working. And their Business been shut down. And a lot of their Investors that trusted them lost their money.

      • Those two will be behind bars one day.

        Krissy been doing sleazy things for years. She stole money back when she was a Lawyer. She got caught. Was Disbarred. Then she continued to steal. From Investors. Her life been like this for over 15 years.

        I remember being told that when she had her place and was months later on rent. Then used money that was suppose to go to her App Business. No it to get current on her rent. And to buy a vehicle. Her last one was Repossessed. Southwest Law School won a Writ of Execution. That allows the Court to take anything of value. They took her Black Volvo. And anything else of worth. That was in 2015. I know this. I read it on Blogs. And on UniCourt. Oh ya. On UniCourt shows that PMGI Financial suing her fir over 100k. Kristin Schuh owes that to them

        So ya. They are nothing more than Criminals. And will be locked up like Mist Criminals today are.

    • Your right Sam and….They are. Them two nothing but thieves Them two as I read on other pages two Con Woman looking for thier next Victim.

      Watch out for them. And don’t at all be foolish in trusting them. Cyz you will lose out like the other 60 people they stole money from.

    • Trusting Krissy is no better than Trusting Bernie Madoff. I bet he’s her Hero.

      Krissy is a sleaze. And a good one too. And yes. I know for a fact she stole their money.

      Plus The News doesn’t lie… There are plenty of News Blogs and Reports about her.

      Oh and ya. Her Lawyer he lost his License Defending her. He lied to the Court and…. He was Disbarred. Loom him up. Michael Joseph Gulden. I did. I looked him up online. And it stated. Falsified Paperwork and Lued to the Court. Immediate Disbarment.

    • Yes Sam I think the same.

      I have heard everything that is to be heard about them. I read a ton of things online too. Nothing good. Nothing nice. All saying how many people they screwed over for their selfish need to thier greed for money. They screwed over friends they knew. I read they stole from over 50 people.

    • I know for a fact she stole money. She was drunk years ago and told me how she used an Invesirs money to get a new vehicle cuz the one she had was repossessed. And she owed on back rent. 4 months. She owed her Landlord over 8k in rent. And was facing Eviction. I tokd her that’s embarrassment. She said. I used to be Lawyer I know every trick in the Book

    • We used to go to the Bar. During Happy Hour. And see her the Bartender talking to someone about her App. That Krissy Schuh had. And say all kinds of shyt. How great it is and how she can be trusted. Everyone so Supporting. You can Trust me. One time she pointed to Andy Angels BF as he was walking out the door of GymBar. And say he’s one of my Investors. And she keep going saying how much people trust her. And all kinds of other shyt.

      So I contacted Andy on Facebook and asked him.Andy Angel said his BF never invested in her App. And I said I saw her point to him. And say. He’s an Investor. Andy confirmed his Bf never gave her a dime.

      And the Bartender too said Krissy can be trusted and it’s a real good Investment.

      Krissy will lie and lie and lie. And that Bartender was in on it. Helping to manipulate people into handing over money. And there’s things written about him online too.

      His name is Giovanni Vitulli. And he was Fired from TransAmerica. I Googled them. TransAmerica is an investment Firm. He used to work for them and was Fired being involved in Fraud.

      And I also read postings that Jim Hall wrote about Krissy Schuh. Jim Hall a friend of mine. He’s from Connecticut. and her App. He said she never worked for NBC or any Television Network. He knows. Because he works for NBC. And if she worked there he would have known. And he said that She used to be a Lawyer. And lost her license in 2014. And Jim said she’s a pathological liar. And Jim goes out to the Bars he sees and hears everything. And he says she’s a big fat phony bologna.

      I read that in 2020. Her App Business is gone. And she’s no longer doing it. And all kinds of people are suing her.

      If she ran an honest to goodness Business and not a phony bologna one. She probably still have it today. But she was forced to closed all operations and shut down. And she’s broke. The Barseen App been shut down and her Bank Accounts all Frozen.

    • When I think of Krissy….. I think of a Woman that was Disbarred in 2014. Stealing from a Client she had.

      And all the Investment money she stole from all her Investors. Over 60. She had ove 60 Investors.

      And I think of in 2020. The Court shut her Barseen App Business down. And froze all her Assets.

      And the Court Indicted her.

      That’s what I think…… When I think of Krissy Schuh

    • This Woman phucking sucks. I hate her. And if it was legal to take her out. And end her……… I bet there’s plenty of people that would have her 6 feet under.

    • I can’t stand this Woman. And Krissy knows I hate her. 3urs ago I called her out on it. I called her a low life Selfish Bytch….. She threatened to call the Police on me. And said look all these guys in the Bar heard you threaten me….. Right guys….. A bunch of them said. I didn’t hear a thing…… I never threatened her. She just likes to act like a Victim. She left in a huff. Because people were giving the stink eye after they heard me calling her a Fraud. And I said look I know you stole money from people in the Gay Community. And she cussed n swore at me. People saw her true colors that Sunday at GymBar.

  2. Krissy Schuh is nothing more than a liar and a thief.

    She lost her license to Practice Law. Disbarred in 2014 for stealing money from her Clients. And she was caught.

    Then she in later years started the App Business and continued stealing money. From every single Investor she had. She took their money and stole every Dollar they Invested.

    In 2020. The Court shut her Business down. And froze her Bank Accounts. Her Lawyer too Michael J Gulden was Disbarred. He lied to the Court. Showed falsified paperwork to the Judge. And he was caught and Disbarred.

    Krissy Schuh been Indicted on Fraud Charges and Money Laundering.

    • Carl how do you like your new place. I still can’t believe you moved right across the street from your old place. Do you still talk to her since she moved back to Oregon. You lived with her for quite a number of years.

    • Carl you know Mark Miller. He sued this Bytch and won. She owed him 100k. Now she owes a shyt more. His Lawyer costs and other stuff. It’s a lot more than 100k she has to pay him. Hows your new job in Santa Monica.

  3. I hope they get Prosecuted to the fullest of the Law. They are true scum. Stealing money from the Gay Community.

    Throw her and the others involved in Prison. That’s where pieces of Shyt like them go.

    I like to say more but it will be more that F suck and F thieves. And F F F F F….

  4. There are a lot of News Blogs about all of this. I guess you really don’t know people at face Value. She completely duped me. And I was thinking she was an honest person when I net her last year.

    • She sounds like a very mistrusting Woman. And one that soughts out people she knows. To Con them into Investing their money.

      I read stuff a few other sites about her.

  5. Krissy you really are a piece of Shyt. I have nothing nice to say about you. You are plain scum. Stealing all that money. From friends that are Gay.

    I do hope that you. Your Business partner go to Jail. You both deserve it. Stealing money and lying to people that you have this App Business that’s so great. And people are so positive about it. I heard it all. You stole all the money fron your Investors. Yes stole it. You used the money for personal gain. To buy a car. After the obe you had was repossessed. Take trips. Buy clothing. Get current on your rent. You were about to be evicted. Yeah Bytch. I heard it all……. And I’d hear you say. My App is great everyone so Positive about it……… No ones positive about it now. Everyone knows you stole the money. I hear you have over 50 Investors.

    Im glad Mark Miller sued you. When I heard he fiked a Lawsuit against you in 2017 I was thrilled. Cuz you deserve it. You deserve to be sued. You should be sued…… And you should be prossecuted for Fraud and put in jail. And I hooe One day. I hear people say. You know that App Business. The one Krissy Schuh had. She’s in jail now. Becuz Bytch that is where you belong.

    Rot in H**l Krissy. You are the scum of the Earth.

  6. Im d**n well surprised that no one has do a hit and run on her. Cuz d**n if that bytch stole from me. I’d have her 6 feel under. And that is the d**n truth.

  7. She should be arrested for her Crimes and locked up. There’s Criminals that done less than what she did. And they are in lock up.

  8. Krissy and Sally and all of them will gets what’s coming to them. They already list their Business. The Court shut them down and froze all of their Bank Accounts.

  9. My roommate knows one of them. I don’t remember which one. He said she lied and. Told people she worked in the Television. On a NetWork. It was all Bull. She never had. Not once. That Woman used to be a Lawyer. And lost her privileges. She stole from her Clients she Represented and was Disbarred. Then she after got into that App Business and stole from her friends. My roommate said most of her Investors she knew. And were her friends. He no longer talks to her. Abd he said sent her an email telling her why. She responded. Swore at him and called a Phucking Phaggot. And said believe all the Gays telling you this BS. You’re no better than them. I laughed when I read that and said. She sounds like a real Business Woman to me. Lol

    • Krisdy Schuh is sleazy. And she’s a Woman too. Most people that have done what she did were guys. Mostly Men commit Fraud and steal money. Oh wait I 4got. She’s not a Woman. She’s a Lesbian and her Business Partner Sally Kushner is one too.

  10. Ha……. Lol there she is again. Doing another scam. Krissy’s been doing shyt like this b4. This aint her 1st time scamming people.

  11. Bbbbbbuuuuuurrrrrrppppppp…… Ffffffffaaarrrrtttttt.

    When Krissy drinks her Vodka n Diet RedBull.

    It’s like a trumpet.

    It gives her Gas. Lol….. I’m not kidding.


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