Michael gave money 4yrs ago to Krissy Schuh for an Investment of 30k in 2016. An investment for Barseen her app…. It was then called The Vestigate… She never returned his money. Said to him she doesn’t have it. For over a year maybe two… Kept saying. Give me time… He waited and waited. And Waited. And Waited. 2017 comes… Still Krissy promising to pay him. She still dragging her feet. Michael getting more and more depressed. His money running out. He knew Krissy was lying to him. If she didn’t have any money. How was she able to take all these trips. Promote her business. Pay her rent. Eat out. Stay in Hotels. Holidays come. Thanks Giving then Christmas.. Michael even more depressed. Days after Christmas he’s found Dead by his friend Dave Perry. Dave found the Suicide note. Explaining everything…. Krissy hears about it and says….. Barseen App holds no responsibility. Of course she would say that… She’s a Woman that was Disbarred from Practicing Law. And in Court many times of various kinds of theft. A few that also Invested money in Vestigate and sued Krissy Schuh and Sally Kushner the owners of the app. They too were scamned by Barseen. All Michael had left was his BMW when he died. I’m Ngoli. I just want his friends and family never to forget him and the truth behind his Suicide. And no he didn’t pass away from pneumonia. His Family didn’t want people to know Mickey Over Dosed.

I’m Ngoli Nyirenda.. I like to get out the true facts. Contact me if you like.


Have a Blessed Day

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