I think it’s funny to read Krissy Schuh’s Bio page. 20 years in Entertainment Industry. Life long Dream to do the App. She thre caution to the wind and started the App with every Cent she had. A lot of sweat and Hard work. And people are so supportive. Can I Barrrrf now.

This Woman was a Lawyer. Lost her license because she stole tens of thousands from a client. And never returned the money as promised she would. He had to post a bond for his case. She took the money. And stole it. She was Disbarred.

She never worked in. Television. Or whatever Bull shyt she tells people.

And she didn’t use her own money for the App. She took in Investment money. Not used her own money. And if you believe she did. You’re a complete idiot. If she had. Why did she take on Investors.

This Bytch didn’t have any money. If she had. She would have not taken on Investors. And every Invesror. She took him or hers check. Ran to bank to get the money in as fast as possible. She didn’t want to wait a day….Because that give them time to perhaps cancel the Check. So she runs to the bank right after she gets handed the check.

She’s a Fukcing Crook…. And she’s going to Prison.

Now today. She no longer has the App Business. Her Bank Accounts Frozen. She’s been Indicted on Fraud and Money Laundering.

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