Mena Poonaki — Chicago, Illinois

De this b***h will slit her std-infested v****a in half for the fact that she wants to f**k a ugly f****s americunt that has an existing business, mena poonaki only wants money after charlie padilla-cruz (D.A.C.A. illegal alien) (of clc 2011) would need v****a to get turned on to her improportional body. otherwise she is a fleshlight for the rich guy at university of chicago, only reason this ugly muslim daughter of a c**t goes there, to find a rich f**k to f**k. not to mention she was hired a gigolo from iran (mohammad reza ahmadi) the second hornyboy that slammed her infested s****h. because behrouz pounaki decided mena poonaki needed to have s*x more so he could get a green card in the united states.

mena poonaki is nothing but a bait for a green card. stay away from this dirty s****h. you will get stds, and you will have to give behrouz pounaki a green card (he’s a iraqi citizen) in order to get anywhere with this ugly c**t.

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  1. I was about to get together with her after I payed a u.s. government relationship agency to do it, but after seeing this post; I’d steer clear of this crazy w***e.


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