mena poonaki is a prostitute p**n to insult minorities

– had s*x with multiple men at university of chicago; of which were already in relationships, or just wanted s*x for fun with a iranian paid-prostitute (mena poonaki). then destroys other people’s lives who are not rich.

– used in university of illinois at chicago, and university of chicago as a hookup tool, in the end she gets rewarded with uchicago president’s desperate f****s americuuh piece of s**t son.

– rewarded by this disgusting u.s. cuntree full of fatasses and whores

– used by the government to destroy lives by “half-measuring” relationships, leading people on.

– without makeup this c**t looks uglier than a b***h smeared with battery acid.

– nasty ugly americunt-lookalike with a dirty smelly a*s, much like cheryl lee bork, her ugly americunt mother, who was so desperate she married a hijabi terrorist behrouz pounaki

– typically copies some f****s dirty ameribitch who has money, you’ll notice when she imitates someone’s pics, she fantasizes way too much to them.

picture included is ‘crocodile tears’ used to seduce zoom viewers. this ugly b***h only cries for attention, money, and drama.

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