Rebecca Sutcliffe — San Diego, California

Watch out for this snaggletooth butterface and her trashy leopard print tattoo. Not only will she open her legs to just about anyone, but she will befriend you with the sole intentions of having s*x with your boyfriend. She will do and say ANYTHING to get what she wants and has absolutely no remorse for the people she hurts. De she uses her kids to make people feel bad for her and pretends to be a damsel in distress to lure people into helping her. Don’t be fooled by the “poor me” card she plays, she manipulates people and is a great actress. She calls her ex baby daddy crazy, but she’s the one who’s a psychopath. She really just wants somebody to play the daddy role and take care of her and her children, she doesn’t care if the person is in a long term relationship as long as it benefits her. She f**s over her friends, roommates, and anyone who stands in her way. She frequents EOS fitness looking for more military dudes to feel bad for her even though she doesn’t live anywhere near that gym. The desperation is pathetic. Also, bringing a dude around your kids that has a whole a*5 girlfriend? I’ll pray for your kids because this is the example you’re setting for them, that it’s okay to walk all over people for your own selfish gain.

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