I hate both those Woman to the core. What they represent and what they have done to people. They Victimize so many people due to their selfish greediness. The amount of money they stole from people in a lifetime could never be repaid. They stole from over 60 of their investors.

As soon as they are handed the check. They immediately run to the back to deposit it. So they the cash fast incase the Investor changes their mind. Once the the check is cashed the investor is out tbe money. And when time for those two crooks to repay the money back. They always say…… We don’t have it… Give us a month. Then another month. We need more time. Then they tell the Investor again. We don’t have the money you will have to sue us.

Krissy Schuh and Sally Kushner are not real Business Woman. They are crooks.

Their Barseen App Business is nothing more than a Ponzi Scheme. And the Gran Jury Indicted them in 2020.

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