Krissy used to be a Lawyer. Yes that’s right. And when she was Disbarred a few years later she started her so called App Business. In which people was nothing more than a Ponzi Scheme. And later Sally Kushner her Ex Lover joined in her Business.

Krissy is one of the worst people I met. She can not be trusted. And her Business Partner Sally just like her. They both are the worst.

Look.. They are two Lesbians that used the Gay Community. To lie and manipulate people and Bars to do Business with them. And underneath it all. They take on Gay Investors and once they get the check. They run right to the Bank to Deposit it. Krissy asks. Them for a Bank Check. Because she knows the money will instantly go into her account. And it doesnt give the investor a chance to change his mind abd cancel the check. Because the same day the check is given. Krissy run to the bank.

And look at how many Investors are suing her and Sally. Over 60.

They are in a Class Action Lawsuit and already went through two Attorneys. One was Disbarred. The other they money too.

In the picture is both Krissy and Sally. Krissy was very drunk at that point. And making the speach she was Slurring her words and wasn’t making much sense. Then she started thanking every one for coming. And said The App is going to make her Rich…… Well it never happened.

The Barseen App never made any money. Never made a Profit. The money that had came from all of their Investors. Even their Accountant Be Free Accounting and Bookkeeping wasn’t told that Krissy and Sally were Funneling Investment money. They paid taxes on 58k tgey bith started the Business on. Not on all the monies the Investors put in… Which was a lot. Remember they had over 60 Investors.

When their Accountant learned about the Investors and that both Schuh and Kushner were Committing Fraud. They sent a letter to them saying we will no longer be having you as a Client. Be Free Accounting and Bookkeeping were shown that just one Investor gave alone a100k Investment. And Schuh and Kushner did not pay taxes on it. That they supposed too. They only paid taxes on 58k. The 58k is what Schuh and Kushner started the App with in 2016. Taxes they paid to the IRS on 58k was about 6 thousand Dollars.

So you can see Schuh and Kushner are in a lot of Legal trouble. And it’s speculated. That they will face serious Prison time.


  1. Brett Feeney Article Author

    Bittch shanked so many people. Most she shanked were people she new.

    Her Lady Business partner too shanked people. Lots.

    And they just took the peoples money and stole it.

    The Business didnt make any money. The money they used for themselves were the money they shanked from the investors the stole from. Renaldae say. They had way over 40 Investors.

    Renaldae my BF old friend. He he told us the scoop. This lady Krissy and Sally are Vesry Dishonest. Krissy used to be an Attorney. And about 10 yrs ago stole s shiit load of money from a guy she represented. And Renaldae says he knows that person. And the Guy told the Court she shanked him. And Krissy never paid the money he posted in his Lawsuit. So the Court took away jer License.

    Then she did that App Business. Got caught stealing again. And Renalae says the District Attorney’s Office closed them down and froze the money. So now they going to Court of Fraud Charges.

    I hope those people get their money back. Renaldae says they wont. They all got squewed by those 2 lady’s


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