I just had to post this…… When I saw this image it reminded me of the Motley Crew Krissy Schuh was seated with at The Pub. Pouring down those drinks.

I will say this. I have no respect for her. None at all. And I know the owner of the Pub here. Feels the same way. Her Stuff from her App were here. Those Cameras. And I will say. No one ever used that App to check out as she would put it….. See the scene before going. Guys just went. They didn’t care who was there. If the Bar was full or not. They just went. We just went. I just went. And we no one needs an App for that.

Well everyone heard of the Bull she pulled. The money. The Fraud. The people she and her Barseen Appers that stole. Even her Lawyer helped steal too. Lol…. Her Lawyer.

Anyways when I saw this pic on Facebook I had to do a repost and post it on my page. I just had too. It’s so funny. He wrote. He’s a pal of Barseen App and Krissy Schuh. Friends with the Drunken App Lady……So I had to write my own stuff.

Hey Krissy. Do you remember Tom Bradford from here…. Yeah well. He has been saying a lot about you and Barseen App.

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