Those two Woman are Republicans. Both Krissy Schuh and Sally Kushner. And Voted for Trump both times…….. But they had the Barseen App. And alk of their Business was in the Gay Community along with the Investors they stole money from. All from the Gay Community. And those Woman don’t believe in Gay Marriage and Equal LGBT Bebefits….. But they had all their Cameras in Gay Bars. And they took in Gay Investment money.


  1. Pete Wells. Article Author

    Krissy is a drunk. Actually she’s an alcoholic. Never once seen he not drunk. Even ay her App parties she had she was trashed. I never seen her Sober. And as for her App Business. Sorry Krissy it was a jome. Just like you. Faux… You were a Lawyer not a Business Woman same with your side kick Business Partner. Lime you. She was a Lawyer too. Only difference being you been Disbarred. And she hasnt.

    And talking about Being Disbarred. Todd didnr you post on another page that Barseen App Defence Attorney was Disbarred in 2019. He lied to the Judge and the DA. Showed the Court that their Lawyer lied.. And lied Under Oath too. And their Lawyer was Gay too. And he helped them….. Another low life piece of shyt.

    Fukc her.. Fukc him and fukc that stupid ass App thay had. And Im glad they all got caught. And I seriously hope they all are locked away in Prison.

    And Krissy. Yeah………. You are a fukcing kunt. And if I ever see your ass. I will call you out in public for being exactly what you are….. A fukcing thief.

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